Interior design
With my eye for detail and passion for a truly bespoke approach, let me create a beautiful and harmonious new look for any interior space that you just don’t feel is working for you. From floor plans and layout to paint and wallpaper options, I match my wide-ranging expertise with a genuine love of getting to know people and their aesthetic. I work closely with each and every client to understand exactly what will bring balance, interest and personality to their space. I’m experienced in working alongside contractors on larger projects, or equally

Want to breathe fresh life into an interior, but don’t want to completely redecorate? I can work with you to transform your space through subtle tweaks to room layouts, playing with different furniture, introducing new colour schemes and adding textures, or decluttering with practical storage solutions. The smallest of changes to decorative features or placing of furniture can make a huge difference to how you feel about a space – I am always delighted to give styling advice, whether as a one-off enquiry or a regular service.

Product sourcing and consultation
Got an idea in your head as to the sort of lighting you’re after, or a piece of furniture you once saw and want to track down? I love nothing more than exploring the vintage markets of the UK and France to source one-off pieces of lighting, furniture, art, or fabric that would add the perfect touch to your interior. My years of experience in interior design and personal passion for unearthing unusual pieces in the most unexpected of places means I’m perfectly placed to track down the item you’re envisaging, or to inspire you with alternatives.

Visit my vintage furnishing website at www.loft-uk.co.uk

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